How to remove wrinkles around the eyes: effective methods and homemade recipes

Unfortunately, the natural aging process cannot be reversed. First of all, they appear in the form of wrinkles, age spots and other defects on the face. You can remove wrinkles around the eyes that have appeared recently with the help of recipes of traditional medicine. But to get rid of deeper grooves that bother in adulthood, you cannot do without the help of professional cosmetologists.

Wrinkles around the eyes, how to rejuvenate the skin

Causes of wrinkles around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is more subject to age-related changes because it has the smallest thickness compared to other parts of the face. The minimal amount of sebaceous glands, muscle tissue and subcutaneous tissue also contributes to irreversible changes.

Other causes of wrinkles around the eyes include:

  1. Features of the structure of the skin. Collagen fibers, which have a mesh structure in this part of the face, are responsible for the elasticity and resilience of the skin. This structure leads to excessive stretching of the epidermis through frequent muscle contraction.
  2. Features of facial expression. The habits of squinting, frowning, and blinking can often be considered harmful due to their negative effects on the skin near the eyes.
  3. Age. After the age of 25 (rarely earlier) the skin changes naturally.
  4. Dry skin around the eyes. Women with dry skin are at risk for the appearance of early wrinkles and fine lines on their face.
  5. Unbalanced diet. Fatty, fried, saturated with harmful additives and flavorings, food harms not only the whole body, but first of all the skin. Passion for unhealthy eating leads to premature skin aging and thinning of the skin in problem areas of the face.
  6. Insufficient fluid intake. When too little water enters the body, drying of the skin is observed, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles.
  7. Bad habits. In addition to smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, this group includes frequent exposure to the sun without protective equipment, lack of sleep, exposure to stressful situations, passion for aggressive cleaning products, poor-quality decorative cosmetics, long sitting at the computer and even an uncomfortable pillow.
  8. genetic predisposition. Hereditary features of the structure of the face (loss of the arches of the eyebrows, bags under the eyes, sagging upper eyelids) contribute no less than the above factors to the appearance of "crow's feet".

How to remove wrinkles around the eyes: folk recipes

If wrinkles around the eyes have appeared recently, you can try to smooth them out using folk recipes. All kinds of masks, creams, scrubs and other products based on natural ingredients will help moisturize and nourish the skin.

You should not count on a visible result immediately after the first procedures. Folk recipes are good because they act gently, and therefore for a long time.

In order for the effect of the use of natural remedies to develop fully, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of regularity. With daily use of the mask during the recommended course of treatment, getting rid of wrinkles around the eyes is not difficult even at home.

grass ice cream

To activate metabolic processes and blood microcirculation, it is good to use herbal ice cream lotions. To prepare it, you must first make a decoction of herbs (chamomile, calendula, parsley) in equal parts. After cooling, the solution is poured into ice molds and sent to the freezer to solidify.

Ice should be applied daily before each morning wash. Daily use of the procedure will help tone the skin, it will become more elastic and less wrinkled.

milk compresses

If the cause of early wrinkles is dry skin around the eyes, a milk compress will help get rid of the problem. To carry out the procedure, it is necessary to moisten cotton pads in warm boiled milk, squeeze a little out of the liquid and apply to the eyelids. After 5 minutes of use, the compresses are removed and the skin is additionally moisturized with a special eye cream.

Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes

Strawberry Honey Lotion

With the help of the remedy, getting rid of wrinkles is the most pleasant, fragrant and tasty. The only limitation on its use is individual sensitivity to the components.

To prepare it, grind three small strawberries with 1 teaspoon. runny honey until smooth. Then the mass is placed in a small piece of gauze, which is applied to the eyelids for 20 minutes. At the end of the period, the lotion is removed and the skin is wiped with a damp cotton pad.

Masks for wrinkles around the eyes

Getting rid of wrinkles at home is possible with the help of various masks. Made from a variety of ingredients, they improve the appearance, add radiance to the skin, even out the complexion of the face and eliminate minor imperfections.

The most useful and affordable masks for wrinkles around the eyes:

  1. A small amount of fresh wheat crumbs is kneaded and mixed with 100 ml of warm milk. Also, the mass squeezed out of excess fluid is spread over the problem area and aged for about 15 minutes. The procedure for the skin around the eyes is completed by removing the mask with a cotton swab and washing it with clean water.
  2. Honey-protein mask is an effective remedy for wrinkles around the eyes. To prepare it, a tablespoon of liquid honey is taken, the same amount of wheat flour, chicken egg protein. The components are thoroughly mixed, the mass is applied to the skin and left for 10-15 minutes. After the mask from wrinkles around the eyes has hardened, it must be washed off with warm water, gently soaking and in no case do sudden movements.
  3. You can combat wrinkles around the eyes with a potato mask. A small tuber (peeled) is grated on a coarse grater, a teaspoon of cream or fat sour cream is mixed into it. The mixture must be applied to the skin for at least 15 minutes, and then washed off with a cotton swab dipped in tea leaves. For better toning and increasing the effectiveness of the anti-wrinkle mask around the eyes, tea lotions can be left on the eyelids for another 10 minutes.
  4. The cucumber mask will help get rid of wrinkles around the eyes at home. This vegetable is known for its moisturizing properties, thanks to which anti-aging procedures can be carried out without the risk of side effects. To get a mask, a small cucumber is grated and applied to the skin of the eyelids for up to 20 minutes.

Oil for wrinkles around the eyes

All types of oils, whether essential or herbal, have amazing properties that help to effortlessly remove expression lines around the eyes. Olive oil, preheated in a water bath, can be applied to the cleansed skin of the eyelids before going to bed. After 5 minutes of the procedure, it is recommended to supplement the procedure with a gentle relaxation massage, performed in a circular motion without strong pressure.

Olive oil can be added to various homemade creams that will help get rid of wrinkles around the eyes at home:

  • A nourishing cream, the action of which is aimed at eliminating wrinkles, is made as follows. 50 ml of olive oil and 15 ml of vitamin E oil solution are mixed in a small container, the mass is applied to the problem area with gentle movements and after waiting 5 minutes, remove the residue with a paper towel.
  • Another effective remedy for wrinkles around the eyes is a cream made with olive oil (50 ml) and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. The components are thoroughly mixed, after which their mass is applied to the skin. After 10 - 15 minutes, the remaining oil is removed with a napkin.

As for essential oils, their importance in the fight against wrinkles around the eyes is quite great. You can perform anti-aging procedures using peach, almond and apricot oil. A few drops are applied to the fingertips and then rubbed into the skin of the eyelids with stroking and dabbing movements.

Burdock and castor oil have proven themselves as folk remedies for wrinkles around the eyes. In addition, they contribute to the intensive growth of eyelashes, strengthen and heal them throughout the structure.

If you mix a teaspoon of an oil solution of vitamin E, essential oils of cocoa beans and sea buckthorn, you will get the perfect cream for the skin around the eyes from wrinkles. For optimal effect, the mass must be applied to the eyelids twice a day for at least 10 minutes. The process ends with removing excess oil with a paper towel.

Other means

Help get rid of wrinkles at home and other folk remedies. To properly moisturize the skin around the eyes, you can apply an egg mask on it. To prepare it, an egg yolk is mixed with olive oil (1 tablespoon), then applied to the problem area and left to dry.

The oatmeal-based product perfectly moisturizes and nourishes dry skin of the eyelids. To obtain it, it is necessary to pour half a cup of oatmeal with hot milk and, after the porridge has cooled, apply to the skin for up to 20 minutes.

Injection rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes

salon procedures

If the wrinkles are deep enough and visible on the skin with the naked eye, then getting rid of them only with the help of folk remedies is almost impossible. To remove wrinkles around the eyes, cosmetology offers a wide range of professional procedures that will help to cope with the problem.

  1. Peeling. The procedure consists in applying chemically active substances to the skin that dissolve the superficial layers of the dermis, making it smooth and renewed. Most often, peelings are made on the basis of glycolic, tartaric, citric and malic acids. In order to remove expression lines around the eyes, it is recommended to apply surface agents, which are the most gentle.
  2. cosmetic care. In order to prevent the formation of wrinkles and eliminate existing defects, it is very important to monitor the intensity of facial expressions. Doing it yourself is quite difficult. Therefore, many salon brands have developed a number of peptide-based products, the action of which is aimed at blocking the movement of nerve impulses in muscle fibers.

anti-wrinkle injections

Injections of drugs that allow you to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes are always a success. The most famous among them are Botox injections, which can smooth the skin after the first session. The high efficiency of the procedure is due to blocking the contraction of the mimic muscles, thanks to which they relax. As a result, the skin is smoothed and even deep grooves are eliminated.

Also effective are the methods of introducing fillers - substances that fill the subcutaneous space and smooth wrinkles from the inside. They show the best result in the presence of flaccid tissues that have lost intracellular turgor. The effect of the injection lasts a year, after which it is recommended to repeat the procedure.

hardware cosmetics

The achievements of hardware cosmetics do not stand still. Now it is possible to get rid of wrinkles not only with the help of laser resurfacing and dermbrasion, but also with a number of other effective procedures:

  1. microcurrent therapy. Wrinkled areas are subjected to an ultra-low amplitude, low frequency pulsed current. However, this is enough for them, after penetrating the tissue, to rebuild the function of the cells and optimize their work.
  2. HF lift. The procedure consists in a thermal effect on the skin. This leads to a reduction in collagen fibers, tightening and tightening of the dermis.
  3. fractional laser. The method of fractional photothermolysis has replaced traditional laser resurfacing, which has many contraindications and can cause a number of side effects. To carry out the process, the laser beam is divided into many microbeams with the apparatus. They gently treat the surface of the skin and penetrate to a depth of 1 mm. Because one procedure does not cover more than 30% of the problem area, the skin can recover faster.

Prevention and Recommendations

As a preventive measure against the appearance of premature wrinkles, it is recommended to give up bad habits, get rid of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. It is also useful to review the diet, which should not include fried, fatty foods and fast food dishes. An important thing in the fight to maintain smooth skin is proper hydration and nutrition. To do this, you need to regularly apply nourishing masks, not just homemade ones, wash your face with cold water and drink at least a liter and a half of clean water a day.

If there is no way to get rid of the influence of frequent loads, you can minimize it. Therefore, it is very useful to go for walks in the fresh air, sleep a full eight hours at night and relax in all available ways. The general improvement of the whole organism will certainly affect the condition of the skin of the face. It will shine with beauty, wrinkle less and become more elastic.