How to remove wrinkles around the eyesA great look with no flaws

What woman doesn't dream of staying young and beautiful for as long as possible? But sooner or later, treacherous signs of aging appear on the face. Some find the first wrinkles as early as the age of 25, when aging is out of the question. Why does this happen, how to remove wrinkles around the eyes and avoid their appearance, are there any effective ways to get rid of these unwanted cosmetic defects?

Massage to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes

What do beauticians offer?

Experts recommend replenishing the moisture deficit and stimulating the production of elastin and collagen in the skin cells with the help of injections of special preparations based on hyaluronic acid. The processes of bio-restructuring, bio-revitalization and contour plastics are based on this principle. With the help of pulsed photo rejuvenation, the same processes are stimulated in skin cells.

Botulinum therapy is used to relax and smooth the expression muscles and wrinkles that arise as a result of their contraction. At the same time, facial expressions do not suffer, as injections are administered in microdoses.

But it is better to resort to such serious salon procedures, after all others have tried unsuccessfully: masks for the skin around the eyes based on organic acids, recipes of traditional medicine, changes in lifestyle and nutritional quality, facial exercises.

The most important way to rejuvenate the skin and give it freshness is through facial plastic surgery.

Folk remedies for wrinkles around the eyes

Folk recipes will help rejuvenate the skin around the eyes, no worse than expensive salon products and procedures. Hence, you shouldn't neglect them right away without trying. From a scientific point of view, their use has long been justified and justified. In addition, these products are safe and economical.

Traditional Medicine Tips:

  • With contrasting compresses or baths, you can tighten the skin of the face. First, a cloth dipped in hot water or herbal decoction is applied to the areas of wrinkling, then a cold compress is applied or these areas are wiped with ice cubes. The temperature contrast should be moderate, the range should be increased gradually.
  • Rubbing in a concentrated saline solution is helpful against flat expression lines. For this you can use not only table salt, but also sea salt.
  • A good effect is achieved by rubbing the skin around the eyes with ice cubes made from healing herbal decoctions.
  • Vegetable and fruit masks also help against wrinkles. Cucumber, young potatoes, zucchini, strawberries, apples and lemon are well suited for this. Their effect is based on the influence of the organic acids contained in these products.
  • Since the skin around the eyes is practically free of sebum glands, it quickly loses its natural protective layer, which contributes to its early dehydration and loss of elasticity. Natural vegetable oils help prevent this from happening: olives, grape seeds, sprouted wheat grains, flax seeds.
Oil for rejuvenating the skin around the eyes

Honey, dairy products, herbal extracts, and egg masks give good results. Most of the products listed are available in every household and for everyone. Their use is harmless to the body and facial skin.

How to remove wrinkles around the eyes with masks

Using simple and natural masks at home can reduce or completely eliminate the number of expression lines under the eyes. It depends on your stamina and the condition of your skin.

The most popular masks for wrinkles around the eyes are made from:

  • Lemon with egg yolk, beaten to a foam;
  • Olive oil and live yeast;
  • Milk and black bread;
  • Camphor oil and animal fat mixed in equal proportions;
  • Honey and whipped egg whites;
  • fatty cottage cheese and vegetable oils;
  • Banana pulp and ghee;
  • Oatmeal in milk or water;
  • Pulp of one or more fruits.

To prepare these masks, you do not need to adhere to strict proportions. All ingredients are natural and safe. If you take care of your skin with their help, you can get amazing results.

Eye contour massage

This method of getting rid of the first wrinkles under the eyes is most effective when applied to the skin of the face with vegetable oil after using homemade masks. Anti-aging cosmetics and muscle-relaxing creams can also be used.

Basic massage movements:

  • light tapping with fingertips on the eye area;
  • neat short press;
  • stroking clockwise and counterclockwise;
  • Blinking, blinking, and opening your eyes wide is a kind of charging.

Exercises and manipulations are easy and do not take much time. The main thing is not to be lazy and carry out them regularly, then the result will be on your face.

To relax your eyes and relieve stress, use a modern eye massager.

Preventing the appearance of early wrinkles around the eyes

Avoiding aging is impossible, but the best way to remove the first wrinkles around the eyes is through prevention. Thanks to constant skin care, the moment of their appearance can be significantly delayed. To do this, all you need to do is follow simple preventive measures.

Preventive measures include:

  • proper skin care;
  • Rejection of bad habits;
  • Adherence to the daily routine;
  • Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • right nutrition;
  • Lack of stress;
  • Protection of the skin against negative environmental influences: contrasting temperatures, solar radiation, wind.

With these simple rules, you can prolong the youthfulness of the skin for a long time and preserve its beauty. And women who take care of themselves prove to everyone that it is not the actual age that matters, but the biological one.