Experience of use Moleculica

An overview of the use of Moleculica by Joanna from Rome

Joanne's skin before using Moleculica revealed her age

Any beauty fades over time

I work with people in the tourism industry, so looking good is part of my job. However, age takes its toll, whatever you may say. And when the hairstyle and wardrobe can always be swapped out, the skin on your face always tells your age no matter how much makeup you put on. I tried a long time to find suitable antiaging products for myself to slow down aging. But mostly I was disappointed with the result.

My skin is very dry and sensitive. If the cream does not fit, then all you can count on is flaking and rashes. At this point, if you urgently need to treat dermatitis, wrinkles will no longer bother you.

A means that fits

Before I found Moleculica cosmetics for myself, I had to spend a lot of time. My rich experience of experiments has shown me that it is best to focus on products with a natural composition. Their action causes the least irritation. There was no ideal option, the cream is too oily, then it flows, and instead of smoothing the skin, it just moisturizes it. And when I tried the Moleculica day cream, I realized that this was what I needed.

Cream Moleculica was a perfect match for me! After applying it, it is always pleasant for me to look at myself in the mirror. It not only provides high quality care, but also rejuvenates, brightens the skin and smoothes wrinkles. At first I only used day cream and then ordered a night cream with a mask.

The only downside is that you cannot buy a cream on the open market, you have to order it on the website. If the hose is empty, you must therefore make sure to replenish the supply in good time. On the other hand, this is a plus as by ordering on the official website you are guaranteed to receive the original product. In addition, the service works flawlessly: delivery is quick, no prepayment is required.

After using the Moleculica cream, Johanna's face is transformed

Wonderful skin transformation

I have to say that in a couple of weeks using Moleculica cream removed roughly the marks of the last ten years from my face. After just a week, the skin appeared saturated with moisture and looked fresh. Its elasticity has increased noticeably, and the color has flattened and become lighter. After three weeks, small wrinkles disappeared and then completely disappeared! Now my face is glowing with youth again and I feel very confident. After a month, I felt that the skin became self-sufficient because even if you didn't apply the cream, its appearance didn't change. Antiaging treatment is imperative, however, so I continue to use Moleculica products continuously. Twice a week I put the mask on for 20 minutes and on normal days I switch the day and night cream.

In order not to be unfounded, I took the same photos before and after a month of departure. They characterize the effectiveness of the cream better than words. The result can be seen in the photo. Is there anything else to say? If I knew the result in advance, I wouldn't even look at another remedy. Now my age is a mystery to everyone.

Nice bonuses

Of the advantages, I would like to mention the delicate light texture of the cream, it is perfectly absorbed without leaving any traces. Suitable for sensitive skin prone to allergic rashes. And the effect is comparable to the injections of hyaluronic acid that I have tried before. The cream successfully replaces them, only works painlessly and does not change the facial expression, so you stay natural. And what a saving!

I recommend trying Moleculica cream and drawing your own conclusions.